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Redesigned Website Offers More Than Just A New Look

NCL Admin


Everyone, at one time or another, has found themselves in this exact or in a similar situation. The clock is ticking and you need information on a product – fast. You go to the manufacturer’s website and your production comes to a screeching halt. Navigating their website makes you feel like a laboratory mouse in a maze. Your frustration builds, your patience thins, your focus decreases, and your productivity diminishes.

At, as you have already seen, we have recently introduced a total redesign of our website. Aside from the crisper, more modern layout, we have designed our site to provide you with more information in an easier to navigate format. This runs contrary to the strategy employed by others in and out of our industry.

When frustration mounts when trying to navigate a difficult webpage, many wonder (either internally or aloud), “Why is this page designed like this? Why can’t I find the information I need without jumping through hoops and going around in circles?”

Was the difficult design a product of poor planning or was it designed to be difficult by design? Continue reading