Healthy Schools Campaign

Healthy Schools Campaign is an organization based in Chicago, Illinois that advocates policies and practices that allow all students, teachers, and staff to learn and work in a healthy school environment.

NCL is a proud and active member of the "Healthy Schools Campaign."

Healthy Schools Campaign Vision Statement

The Healthy Schools Campaign envisions a society in which:

  • Every student, faculty and staff member, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, has equal access to a healthy school environment.
  • Schools serve as leaders, making the critical connection between learning and health.
  • Students have fewer risks of disease, lead healthier adult lives, act as stewards of the environment and achieve their highest potential.

Values Statement

The Healthy Schools Campaign has a solid set of core values that give direction to our program work and guide the manner in which we operate:

  • We believe that families should have confidence that the school environment will be healthy and that school leaders will promote healthy behaviors.
  • We believe that students learn from example and that a healthy school teaches students to value their own health and that of their environment.
  • We are concerned about the growing disparities in our country and believe that a quality education for all students is a necessary ingredient in a civil society.
  • We believe that all families, faculty, staff, students and community members must have a voice in decisions that affect the school environment.
  • We believe that meaningful and sustainable change occurs when informed, engaged, and empowered stakeholders work in collaboration with school officials and policymakers.