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Help Us Yelp You

NCL Admin


Yelp_Logo.svg On the surface, customer review websites such as Yelp! or, may not seem relevant to Jan San Distributors and their sales representatives. Distributors may not see the Yelp! review traffic that businesses in the hospitality industries receive, but the distributors dealing with businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and fitness centers must be aware of the changing business landscape that sites such as Yelp have ushered in, and be prepared to establish themselves as a partner for their clients to help ensure they do not fall victim to bad Yelp! reviews.

As Americans continue to perform more of our routine functions online, from shopping to bill paying to even basic communicating, the impact of customer review sites, such as Yelp!, cannot be ignored. At the conclusion of the third quarter of 2016, Yelp! estimated they received over twenty five million unique visitors to their mobile app alone. By the end of last year’s third quarter, Yelp! also estimated that they have accumulated over 115 million written reviews of businesses. The impact of Yelp! reviews will only increase in the coming years and business owners can ignore their impact at their own peril.

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