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Can You Recognize Luxury?

NCL Admin


Luxury Vinyl Flooring can be found in many commercial environments, even high traffic locations such as supermarkets

With advancements in technology, many floor technicians have been thrown for a loop of late. Going into facilities now requires a floor tech to include investigator and detective into their job description. The flooring surface under their feet may not be the material that it initially appears to be. Wood grain does not mean you are standing on a wood floor. Do you see rich veining in what appears to be a stone floor in the room you are about to enter? It must be marble, right? Not so fast. Those floors which carry the aesthetic characteristics as hard wood or marble may very well be vinyl. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) to be exact.

Advancements in technology and pressure to reduce maintenance costs have spurred the growth of LVT in recent years. The combination of new, cutting edge technology, economic value, and impressive initial visual appearance ensure that this type of flooring is more than a passing fad. LVT is here to stay and is likely to grow in popularity. As a floor technician you Continue reading