Monthly Archives: September 2015

This School Year, Healthy Green Cleaning is On The Mark

Arnold Fredrick

Western Division Manager

OnTheMarkLogoTransBKGND Green cleaning is more than just using green chemicals. Green cleaning encompasses tools, process, and chemicals to achieve a total healthy green cleaning program for a school or facility. A healthy green cleaning program that combines all three will reduce the impact on the facility, the occupants, the environment, and the custodial staff. As you can see, green cleaning goes beyond just the discussion of chemicals, to include these other areas to be complete.

So where could someone look to learn more and put a program together? There are a few major organizations that you could look into when putting a program together, such as the US Green Building Counsel (USGBC), LEED, GREEN SEAL, EPA’s Safer Choice (formerly the Design for the Environment program), and OSHA (ergonomics). These are all great places to learn more and help create a guide that will help your crew to clean healthy and green in your facility. There is a lot of research out there on this topic and most manufacturers will be happy to talk with you about their section of this large area. But a program that contains a holistic approach to healthy green cleaning is rare.

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