Portable Dilution System



Squeeze more out of your Cleaning Dollars!

Easy to Measure-and-Pour Dispensing Bottles.

NCL is announcing the introduction of the MAIN SQUEEZE™ program of super concentrates. This unique system provides precise dilutions, right in the palm of your hand! The MAIN SQUEEZE™ container comes complete with its own built-in measuring spout. No added dispenser installation or maintenance costs, no plumbing restrictions to worry about. Just remove the cap, squeeze to fill the measuring chamber, and pour the concentrate into a spray bottle, bucket or auto-scrubber tank. The result...you will love the easy, waste-free, cost controlled savings!

1. Loosen chamber cap and squeeze.
2. Remove cap and pour exact measure.

Try MAIN SQUEEZE™ from NCL, and see the difference our products can make at your facility.

  • MAIN SQUEEZE™ Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner (#4170-49)
  • MAIN SQUEEZE™ Earth Sense® Degreaser Cleaner* (#4171-49)
  • MAIN SQUEEZE™ Earth Sense® pH Neutral All-Purpose Cleaner* (#4172-49)
  • MAIN SQUEEZE™ Lavender 256™ Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner Deodorizer (#4173-49)


  • Cleaning performance, economy, versatility, portability, value. MAIN SQUEEZE™ from NCL has it all!
  • Super concentrate technologies along with proven formulas create a dispensing program that delivers exceptional cleaning power where you want it, when you want it!
  • Field-proven, true Super Concentrates for maximum cleaning performance
  • MAIN SQUEEZE™ simplifies training of your housekeeping staff, and keeps you in compliance.
  • Bi-lingual secondary labels are provided in every case.
  • Environmentally responsible formulas that contain no harsh solvents (such as Butyl Cellusolv) or phosphates and are completely biodegradable (noted products also carry Green Seal Certification)
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