Green Cleaning

Green Seal™

Green Seal, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization that uses science based standards and the power of the marketplace to create a more sustainable world. Green Seal, Inc. has no financial interest in the products that it certifies nor in any manufacturer or company. Thus Green Seal™ Certified products provide credible, objective and unbiased certifications whose only purpose is to direct the purchaser to environmentally responsible products and services. Only products that are Green Seal™ Certified carry the Green Seal™ Certified logo.

Green Seal™ Standards

  • GS-37 Industrial and Institutional Cleaners
  • GS-40 Industrial and Institutional Floor Care Products
  • GS-41 Industrial and Institutional Hand Cleaners
  • GS-42 Cleaning Services

For complete information about these Green Seal™ standards and more, visit the Green Seal, Inc, website at

Green Seal™ Certified Products

The following NCL Earth Sense® Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products are Green Seal™ Certified:



  • Earth Sense® pH Neutral All Purpose Cleaner (# 4016)
  • Earth Sense® Multi-Surface Cleaner with H2O2 (#4018)
  • Earth Sense® Glass & Window Cleaner (# 4019)
  • Earth Sense® Washroom Cleaner (# 4020)
  • Earth Sense® Degreaser Cleaner (# 4035)


  • Earth Sense® Glass & Window Cleaner (# 4071)
  • Earth Sense® Multi-Surface Cleaner with H2O2 (# 4072)
  • Earth Sense® Washroom Cleaner (# 4073)
  • Earth Sense® pH Neutral All Purpose Cleaner (# 4074)
  • Earth Sense® Degreaser Cleaner (# 4075)

  Bulk Liquids

  • Earth Sense® Multi-Purpose Neutral Cleaner (# 4050)
  • Earth Sense® Heavy Duty Degreaser Cleaner (# 4035)


  • Earth Sense® Aspire Floor Finish (# 0555)
  • Earth Sense® Green Impact Speed Stripper (# 1053)


  • Earth Sense® Certified Green Liquid Hand Cleaner (# 4039)
  • Earth Sense® Certified Green Foaming Hand Cleaner (# 4041)

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